Grayshott Surgery

New Appointment System starting Monday 4th March 2024

From Monday, 4th March we will be changing the way we help patients with their enquiries or appointment requests at Grayshott Surgery. It is no secret that it can sometimes be difficult to access appointments across the whole of the NHS system. We are making this change to our appointment system to make it easier for patients to contact us regarding medical issues, reducing the queues on the phones and the ‘8am rush’.

We will ask all patients, who are able to do so, to contact us via the request form on our website regardless of whether the matter is urgent or more routine. Those patients without internet access or who might find an online solution more difficult can still reach out to us by telephone. We are not becoming an online service!

For patients who need to see any of the nursing team our old system will still apply and you DO NOT need to complete a form, just call the surgery and one of the team will assist you.

We have a range of medically qualified experts available to help with your enquiry and assess your case to achieve the best outcomes.

From Monday 4th March please follow the simple steps below, leaving our telephones free for our most vulnerable patients. All new systems take time to embed themselves – but we really do want this to have a positive outcome for all our Grayshott Patients.


From Monday 4th March please follow the below instructions:-

1 – Contact the Practice

You can make a medical query via our website and clicking “submit a new request” or for those patients who may find the online solution more difficult you can phone the surgery directly and a member of the reception team will assist you in completing the form on your behalf.

2 – Questionnaire

We will ask you to complete our questionnaire to get more information on your query. This usually takes less than 5 minutes.

3 – Response

The GP will assess your questionnaire and provide one of the following:-


  • An appointment
  • A prescription
  • A referral to a local service
  • Self-care information