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Warfarin clinic

Are you taking warfarin?

At Grayshott Surgery we run regular clinics, it offers you same day results, support and guidance with taking warfarin.

How does it work?

We use a Coagucheck machine which works by measuring how long the blood takes to clot. We take a small sample of blood from the finger by using a punch Lancet. The sample is placed on a strip that goes into the machine and within minutes we have the result. Fast, simple, accurate. This machine works alongside the software called inr star which enables the anticoagulant nurse to advise you of your warfarin dose, any changes to be made and your follow-up appointment. With every inr check you will be given a print out of instructions and your next appointment will be booked. Your GP also gets a copy of this print out so should there be any concerns it is immediately dealt with.

What does INR mean?

INR means International Normalised Ratio.