Grayshott Surgery

Join your PPG

Any patient registered at the Grayshott Practice is eligible to become a member of the PPG.

You can be a member of the PPG in two ways:

As Part of the General PPG:

These are patients that sign up to receive regular newsletters containing general information from the Committee , Practice news, Community health initiatives, current health matters and NHS campaigns.  PPG members also give feedback through taking part in patient surveys or by giving non medical feedback to the Committee on their patient experience. They will be invited to attend patient health talks and events as well as our AGM.  It is important that our PPG has a broad base of patient involvement and views. Our aim is to make our PPG as representative of our practice population as possible and so encourage all Surgery patients to get involved by clicking through the link and filling out our form.

As part of the Committee:

This consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary , Treasurer, one or more representatives from the Practice and a small number of general committee members who must be willing to meet regularly to actively help with communication, fund-raising activities, patient education, event planning and administration. The Committee is impartial and works towards improving the patient experience for all patients of Grayshott Surgery. There are limited places available on the Committee so please send us an email to [email protected], if you are interested in finding out more.

Click here to complete our online form to join the Patient Participation Group.

Date published: 7th April, 2022
Date last updated: 7th April, 2022