Patients who have on-going medications need to order them regularly.  You can do this in several ways:

  • Direct with the Surgery – simply come in, fill in a Repeat Prescription Request form or complete the white tear off request slip from your previous paper prescription, or even just write a letter.  PLEASE NOTE – WE MUST HAVE SOMETHING IN WRITING – we cannot accept requests over the phone as this can lead to errors being made.

  • Online – via Patient Access.  Sign up for Patient Access and you can request prescriptions as make appointments with a Doctor.

  • Via a local Pharmacy – our local pharmacies can sign you up for their Repeat Prescription Service (RPS).  They will ask you what you need and order your medication for you.  You won’t have to order your medication each month, as the pharmacy will do this for you and all you have to do is go and collect it.

  • Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) – This is a very efficient and quick way for the surgery to send your prescription to a pharmacy of your choice electronically, rather than as a green prescription form.  You will need to nominate a pharmacy you would like to use and ask them to sign you up to the system.  YOU WILL STILL NEED TO REQUEST YOUR MEDICATION IN ONE OF THE WAYS LISTED ABOVE.

Please make sure you order your prescriptions in good time.  We aim to process them within two working days but it can take extra time if you want it collected by a local pharmacy, or if your medication has changed.

We issue several hundreds of prescriptions every day for about 1500 of our patients each week.  Ordering correctly and in good time helps us to process these more efficiently and safely.



Over ordering and wastage of repeat medications cost the NHS many millions of pounds each year.  Please be careful only to order the medications you require.

People in the following categories are automatically exempt from prescription charges:

> Children under the age of 16, and under 19 who are in full time education.
> Adults over 60 years of age.
> Pregnant women.
> Women who have had a baby in the last 12 months.
> Adults getting DHSS benefits.
> Patients with specific medical conditions.

If you regularly have prescriptions, you may find it more cost effective to buy a pre-payment certificate. Please ask your pharmacist or at Reception for further information.

Online Access

If you have registered for Patient Access, you will be able to order your repeat medication online